jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

@justinbieber: We out to Ecudaor!! Te amo.

@jonboogiee: “Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future.” - @bieberinpr

@justinbieber: stairs can’t stop me

@justinbieber: Make the music you want to make Jai Waetford god has really blessed you. I’m a fan and I haven’t been impressed like this in a very long time

Justin painting graffiti in Bogota, Colombia last night


@justinbieber: My bro and my artist @crazykhalil get ready for some great new music from the both of us

Colombia Meet and Greet (29 october)

@terrencereche: Me and @justinbieber aren’t bad for some rookies. We left some dope #StreetArt in #Bogota. #NoDaysOff #Graffiti #Art #Colombia

@crazykhalil: Me & Bizzle trying something new

@justinbieber: @maejorali turn up

@justinbieber: Street art

@justinbieber: getting better

@justinbieber: I found a new hobby

@UMusicColombia: El equipo de Universal Music Colombia le entrega a Justin Bieber doble disco de Platino x sus ventas.

Justin Bieber - You Want Me (Andy Pop Remix) by Andy Pop

@djtayjames: Work

miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

Ariana Grande about collaborating with Justin Bieber (starting at 2:00).

@dankanter: Rockin out on my @zakkwyldebls Les Paul at Estadio El Campín de Bogotá #Colombia

@HRHPanamaMega: JB @justinbieber with our Director Of Reception this past week when he signed a guitar for us #BelieveTour #Beliebers

Justin performing in Bogota, Colombia (29 october)

@desertdebs: Run @scrappy Run

@Dankanter: Awesome show in Bogota Colombia! Look at @scrappy on stage!

Justin arriving at the Marriot hotel in Bogota, Colombia

Justin with a fan last night

@justinbieber: @theworldshero chipped his tooth once again


@nickonken: Such an amazing weekend in Guatemala building schools with @scooterbraun @justinbieber & @itsadambraun for @pencilsofpromise #lifechangingweekend