lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

@adidasneolabel: Justin on the ropes ready for performance.

adidasneolabel: This is the magic behind the perfection. #behindthescenes #dolbytheater

adidasneolabel: This is what happens at the NEO photo shoots with Justin Bieber. A whole lot of fun! Don’t tell anyone

@justinbieber: Know who you really are not what people tell you you are. ♛

Justin checking into his hotel in Toronto. He later went out at 1:30 am to Time nightclub but sent his people to check it out while he waited in the car. He decided not to go inside and took off and returned to the hotel. Justin wore Louis Vuitton fur vest and had McDonald’s picked up for him for dinner.

Justin arriving to his hotel in Toronto (march 30)

Justin won the 2014 JUNO Fan Choice Award

Justin leaving his hotel today

weknowthedj: Gonna call this one “So Long Ago Sunday” lol @justinbieber @scooterbraun @thatrygood #weknowthedj

domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

adidasneolabel: Feeling dreamy with Justin.

Justin leaving his hotel in Montreal (march 30)

adidasneolabel: Here’s Justin at the NEO Spring 2014 shoot, this one’s an exclusive behind the scenes shot just for you!

thepatricknilsson: Haha, man… This guys plumbers crack was next level. I think we all felt violated after he fixed the floor vent. :-P #ogr #orangegymrats #dontbescared #oiga #plumberscrack

@JeremyBieber: who can find the pic like this one from a decade ago

kylemassey: #SHOTS

@justinbieber: On em

@justinbieber: U know ur burnt Chaz haha luv u bra


Justin in Montreal (march 30)

bizzle: With young burnt

@justinbieber: ♛

adidasneolabel: Justin drumming.

Justin at Buonanotte in Montreal